Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Winners!!!!!!!

Well its that time! Time to tell who gets 2 skeins of Malabrigo!

Well..maybe not.I don't think my readers like yarn.So I will just skip it and blog about how jello powder is made.

LMAO Ok you twisted my arm!

I wrote everyone down then called my cousin and told her to give me a random #. She said.....#3! WTG Jackie!

For the extra skein the winner was.....Peggy! Congrads

Please email me @ as soon as you can Jackie!
Peggy I already have your info. ;)

Thanks everone for the help! They did the ultrasound today and I might know the results Friday or Monday. They did a full ultrasound. Spleen,kidneys,galbladder(well they couldnt find it but they tried),liver...and other things.They pressed soo hard I wasnt paying to much attetion.I was so sick and sore that once again mom drove me home.I went to bed and only just got up. I see bruises on my ribs. yikes

Well the results of the test will be posted here in a few days maybe. So see ya later.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I just got my Ultrasound appt. It is THIS wed at 8:45am. Which means I have till 8am Wed to get the whole $150. So entrys close @ 8am Wed. Drawing will be held Wed evening. (not stating a time just incase I feel bad after words.last time I had an ultrasound done my ribs killed me and made me sick.)

So please look at the blog,my Plurk or Facebook that evening. (might be a late post so you might be asleep.In that case please look Thur morning.)

Thanks to all who has already gave. If by some lucky chance I get more than $150 it ALL will be payed towards the bill right when I have the Ultrasound done!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Malabrigo Raffle

That's right! I am holding a Raffle and the prize is 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted!
NOTE:There is only 2 skeins.1 is shown twice so you can see its color and tag.
Apple Green 11
Curacao 5

What do you have to do to enter? Make a donation (for the info please see my Plurk or my Facebook you have to be my friend on both to see it.) towards my Ultrasound that has to be done ASAP and post here that you have done so.

The drawing will be held Tuesday and the winner will be posted here.

Thank you all for this great help!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying to catch up.

Well time to get back in the groove! Here is a few things that has happened since last time.

I got a doggie! She is a 5 month old full blooded Chihuahua named Cleopatra. This is my first dog.Potty training is hard. I can not let her go out around here so I am trying to crate/pad train her.But we will get it! :)

Moving took longer than planed. But atleast we got it done. Now we need to unpack. ugh THe new place is 2 feet smaller width wise compaired to the old house.I didn't think it make that big of a deal....but now that all my stuff is in here I see that 2 feet is ALOT! But we will get that all sorted out also! :)

Other that those 2 things nothing has been going on. My life is not filled with adventures. Just normal life stuff.

On a shop note I have shut them both down till I can get all my stuff unpacked. I will be back soon.

Well I think the dog pooped so I need to get it then its time for bed. Have a good night all.

ps...sorry for the poop thing but like I said I dont live an exciting life. lol

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello all. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been moving. I only just finished Sunday night. Since then it has been getting things sorted in the livingroom and bedroom. This weekend we will work on the craftroom so I can get things sorted out. Till then both of my shops are closed due to things being packed up.

It might be a day or two before I start posting again. Please keep an eye out!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today was a nap day for me. I slept 8 hours last night but at 1pm today I got so tired I couldn't see my knitting anymore...So I reclined in my recliner and layed there...3 hours later the phone rings right at my head and I almost jumped out of my chair! LMAO

So I didn't get much done today. I got 4 more logs done on my Log Cabin Blankie and I started a pair of Cabled Legwarmers,my own pattern! They are being knit with a $1 skein of Caron Simply Soft Eco.

I called the power and phone companys today to get them moved next week to the new place. UGH I will be without phone and internet for a whole day! I am not happy about that! I wanted it done on Monday but they can't get to me till Tuesday. So do not look for an entry from my next Monday night.

I still have not gotten any boxs to pack with..which also means that I have not started packing. Now keep in mind that as of right now it is Tuesday and I will be moving Sunday! OH MY! So me and the hubby decided that he should take Wed and Thur night off work so we can have 4 days to pack! We have 4 rooms to do. (the 2 bathrooms will be packed along with the bedroom there thats only 4 rooms!) The main one I am not looking forward to is the "craftroom" that became our catch EVERYTHING room.It is so bad that we can't even walk in the room. I have made my mind up tho that most stuff is getting donated or trashed! It's time to go from hording everything to being simple in things that I need!

Other than all of that the only other thing that I did today was go to Hobby Lobby for some cable needles. While I was there I scored a skein of sock yarn for just over $3! I don't remember the name of it but I will post about it tomorrow. ;)

Well I am tired so I am going to turn in for the night. I need to make sure I get up intime to go to the Post Office tomorrow and mail out 2 swap items. Good night.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Knitting,Knitting and more Knitting!

I have been doing a lot of knitting and some crocheting! So lets get to it shall we? ^.^

I finished my first ever pair of socks that is knit toe up and my first time doing socks on circs.

They are not as yellow as they look. I will get an action picture of them one day. ^.^
I crocheted some candy corn for my online shop.But my Nana HAD to have them! lol So I must make more of them.
I also crocheted a Panda and Pig ball!


I just started another Log Cabin Blanket! The knitted kind! I have made one before and I love it. I have a big pile of solid colored partial skeins and some colored partial skeins. you can see from the picture how I am doing the colors. I pick the solids at random.

I was going to meet up with my friend today but her hubby had to work and her boys was being wild so she had to cancel. So I just went to my nana's house and sat around knitting on my blankie.
I got told today that my mom will be moved out by Saturday night. UGH I have a week to pack and the hubby is going to take a few days off work just so we can pack. It will be hard to move since I can't do much. But my friend is coming over to help us out one day. I guess its a good thing that we are only moving about 500yds away! lol The main part I don't look forward to is the cleaning of the house we are in now. O.O OMG
But I know we can get threw it! After all this is a FREE house and we will be saving tons of money! It will be soooo good for us! So I am holding my chin up and trying not to think about all the work ahead of me! lol
Well I am going to end this here and go back to knitting on my blankie. have a good one y'all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catch up...again

I am going to start blogging at random times during the day! I can't seem to remember anymore late at night to blog before getting so tired that I can't hold my eyes open. (like right now lol)

But to catch you up here is whats been going on.

Sunday @3pm I meet up with a friend at one of the Starbucks in town. We sat and chatted for about an hour then they needed to get home to there 3 boys. But we planned me and the hubby coming to there house @6pm that night. (See my hubby,Tim, gets up Sundays @5 because he workes 3rd shift and sunday night is his night of work.My friends hubby works a lot and only has sunday evening free.)

When I got home I was VERY excited to go to there house and hang out with them. But when the hubby got up,ok ok I WOKE him up at 4:30 because I couldn't wait till 5,I didn't tell him where we was going. I kept that up till my friends husband showed up at the store to have us follow him to there new place. Tim was very happy at this point and was no longer ill because I woke him up early to do something. lol

While I was there me and my friend planned out the knitting group info for the group we want to start. I really hope we get it going. I want to have more knitting friends!

The boys was playing World Of Warcraft while we chatted.
Since Tim did have to work that night we had to say good bye to them at 10:30 so we would have enough time to get home then enough time for the hubby to get to work. We so didn't want to leave! But we can get together again another day! So we said bye.
Other than that all I have been doing is Knitting and Crocheting. I have lots of pictures but right now....I dont think my eyes could pick out the good pictures from the blurry ones. lol

I will share what I scored tonight at Walmart tho. (I have to make an fast trip to Walmart for a toilet seat tonight! lol)

I got it for $1.50! SCORE!!!! But once I got it home and started putting my hooks in it I noticed there is more spaces for F sized hooks and smaller than for the G and bigger which is what I use more of. So there is some needles just laying in the pack since they want fit into the slots.

I also got some skeins of Red Heart for only $1! I am soooo lucky!

OHHHH I did something wonderful! I never thought I could do it! But I did!!!

That my friend is a sock that I knit on 2 Circs Toe up! Two things that I had never done before! I made it in only 2 days! I did a K2P2 ribbing on the top and it doesn't gaither enough but oh well. I don't care! They still look good to me!

I made a lot more items to but will post about them in the next entry. But there is one that I can not talk about for a few days. You see it is for my friend that I got together with this past Sunday. So I don't want to ruin the surprise for her by blogging about it. She reads my blog. ;) *waves* So that will not be blogged about till I get to give it to her!

I know I am forgeting something but my eyes are winning me over. I must go to bed. I will make sure to blog tomorrow with more pictures of stuff! Have a great one!


Monday, October 19, 2009

I have been meaning to blog but kept falling asleep before doing so. :(

There for here is a catch up post.

Saturday the hubby,my 13 year old cousin and I went to the Ocoee Whitewater/Olympic Center to enjoy the day. Only thing was the fact that it was close to 50 degrees! We froze. The only place to sit there is in the resturaunt or outside on the decks. Well we decided to buy some hot coco and sit on the deck...where we froze! lol

The hubby decided to take my cam and go walking down one of the trails. I had hoped to use some of his pictures here but they are 90% blurry. lol He doesn't know about using different functions for taking different pictures so he used the Moutain setting to take all pictures. I still love him tho!(the above picture was taken by the hubby if you can't tell!)

While the hubby walked around they was kind enough to let us into the metting room to stay warm! Guess what I did while I was in there??
Oh I was knitting on my Monkey sock! I finnished them btw!

They are done filling this part with water for the year.So it was really low.That is all natural rocks from the area but they cemented them into place for the Olympics. It is the only one of its kind build on a prexisting river bed!(If you can't tell I talked to the lady behind the deck for awhile! lol)
This looks like it would be a great swimming hole. lolHere is the back of the building from across the water...See that umbrella on the bottom right? Two tables over to the left is where we sat in the cold eatting salads and sandwhichs! It was cold but we enjoyed it!There was no unbrellas on the other tables so the wind kept slapping us...atleast we was behind bushes..but then again the wind wasn't comming from that way! lol
On our way up there we saw people rafting! I love seeing them do that. But humm did I tell you it was close to 50 degrees? These people are crazy! lol But it looks fun!! I did get a picture but lets just say I was in a moving car which the hubby was driving and he had a lead foot most of the drive. So the cam couldn't keep up with his foot. ;)

It was a wonderful day! I hope to do more stuff next year before it gets cold. Maybe if my knitting group grows we can make it a field trip! lol Not that it has anything to do with yarn but it is a nice place to chill!

I will end this here and catch up tomorrow! I have made a few mre items,visited with a friend and got some new patterns. OH I have even taked up a knit knitting thing! I will write about all that tomorrow!

Have a great one and please check back tomorrow!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to blogging!

Sorry about not posting for a few. But I ended up going to the ER 2 nights ago. I busted the cyst on my wrist and my hand swelled up real big and felt like cottage cheese. The hubby got worried and MADE me go. Long story short 7 hours later and a STRONG pill later I find out I need to wear a tight glove and not use my hand for at least 2/3 days. humm Folks I am right handed and am a knitter/crocheter....the cyst is on my right hand...I can not go THAT long without crafting! So last night I did about 13 rows of 20 crochet sts. Then called it a night.

I could of posted but that pill they gave me messed me up!! I felt like what druggies look like! I only felt better this morning. I am not used to RX pain meds! YIKES
My hand feels a little better but I am still taking it slow. :)

So on to blogging!

I just put my SD card into my computer and guess what? My pictures are not there that I took the other day. I have NO IDEA where those pictures are. Maybe the card ate them? Who knows. But I will take the pictures again tomorrow and post a special picture heavy post! lol You have been warned!

Today I scored some $1 Caron Eco yarn from our old Walmart. I am going to have this stuff running out of my ears if they don't stop super sailing it. lol But the yarn is good for making many things and its softer than Red Heart. So that is a plus. ;)

Since I don't have pictures of what I have made I will do a "whats on my needles" section today.

-A Shrug that I started about 3 months ago. Simple knitting in the round for the arm then changing to garter st for the back section then right back to knitting in the round for the other arm. It is using Caron yarn in a purple shade.

-I still have that pet blanket on the needles that I blogged about a few weeks ago. lol I so need to finish it. It would be good for a long car ride. To bad I am not going anywhere till Christmas. lol

-I have had a Monkey sock on the needles for MONTHS now. Just not in the mood to finish it.
-I also have a Jaywalker on the needles. Also been on the needles for MONTHS. I lost my sock knitting groove. :(

-A Panda
-A Santa
-and soon to be a Bee

I am sure there is a few more things hiding in box's but I wont go the sweater made from Caron. lol...Oh yeah..I said I wouldn't go there didn't I?! opps

I guess I will end this here tonight and go put in Harry Potter 2. It is October and I love Watching all my magic like movies this month...not that I don't watch them other times of the year....but right now it just seems right to watch them A LOT! ;)
So have a great one and remember to keep those needles flying!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fiber Craft Post

Today is the day I catch you up on what I was making yesterday!

I got hooked on crocheting these Bonbons! I plan on offering them in my shops in a set of 4!
Next a Pumpkin Boy! He is super cute! I would like to find others with different costumes on!
Then I moved onto a Ghost. But I forgot to get pictures of it. I will get one tomorrow.

Today I started on something else also! but I ran out of red yarn AND I made one part in the wrong color. So I have to wait till I can go to the store to get more yarn before I can finish it. Maybe hubby will take me to the store tomorrow! ^.^

I have SO many things in my favorites that I want to make but not enough time! lol

Also I have a calcium cyst on my wrist,below my thumb where my hand connects to my arm,and it is not looking good. I had went to the ER a while back about it because I thought it was a bone! They said this cyst is in a bad place. Right under my veins and tendons. He said I will HAVE to get it removed. O.O WHAT? hummm that means they have to cut it open! No thank you. But now I am starting to worry about it. Like I said its not looking so good. Now it looks like a hard egg poking out the size of an grape. :(

any who....That is what I have been working on as of right now. Tomorrow I will have more! So please come back and see what I make next!
Until then stay good,

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Recipe!

That's right! I thought of a new Recipe! I got the idea after making that Taco Ring!!

"Pasta-Free Spaghetti Bites"~They taste like Spaghetti and are portable!

-3 cans of country style biscuits(you will have a few left over but you can always bake them for breakfast tomorrow)
-1 can Huntz Garlic and Herb Spaghetti Sauce (you will use about 1/3 of a can)
-1 lbs Hamburger meat (tho I guess Turkey,chicken,Pork or some other meat would work)
-a handful of Shredded Cheese that has Taco Seasoning in it (or just regular cheese and a tbl of dry taco seasoning mixed together,I just had some left over from making the Taco Ring)
-Cupcake pan

Turn oven on according to what your Biscuits say. Mine said 400 degrees.

Brown Hamburger meat(i added garlic,pepper&dried onions) and drain. Turn eye off and add in the sauce. Cover with a lid.

Open the Biscuits and lay then out to warm up a little.

Take your cupcake pan and spray it with some oil or baking spray.

Flatten out each biscuit,2 for each "cupcake",and stretch like you would pizza dough. OR if you have a rolling pin roll them out enough where it will come up the sides of each cupcake hole some.

Once you have each one filled in with a biscuit then take a small spoon full of the meat/sauce mixture and scoop it onto each flattened biscuit.

Take another biscuit and put it on top of the mixture. Take your finger or a fork and kind of pinch the 2 biscuits together so they seal.
Use a little leftover sauce and put it on top of the biscuit. Top off with as much cheese as you want.

Put in the oven and wait for the time to pass! Once they look done take them out and enjoy! I used some of the left over sauce to spoon it over my peice.(I turned on my broiler for a few to get the tops golden.)
Sorry about the pictures. I had dirty hands during most of this and had the hubby take pictures.

As you can see I have hand me down cookware! It is not dirty I SWEAR!!! Just very used! lol

Well I had planned on talking about my knitting and crocheting in this post but I think this was enough for one post. Tomorrow I will add in my knitting/crocheting from today!

Have a great day and let me know if you try these!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lazy Fridays

That's what today was. Just a good ol' lazy day!
We only got out of the house to go eat come good chinese food. Then we headed home and crashed in the bedroom...where we still are! lol
About an hour ago we had a small salad and we tried it with some precooked steak pieces in it.I heated them on the stove some. MAN was it good! I am so glad I tried it. Now Tim wants it more often! To bad we only got one pack this week! *giggle*


Well I finnished one of my Cabled Fingerless Gloves. It look real nice! I have casted on the 2nd one but can't get into it. But I will watch something on and get thru it!
I want to crochet some little food items again. But I need some new patterns. I got the ones from Ravelry but I don't know where else to find them online. If you know a place where there FREE please let me know! I would love you forever! lol


My friend showed me something cute online the other day and I knew I could make them! I didn't want them like the ones I saw but I used the idea. There is a Princess,A Russian and a Gnome King! I think they are very cute. I am not sure if I am going to try and mess them up with faces or not. I think they look cute like they are and if the buyer wishes there to be a face they can do so there self! I am no painter! lol
I do plan on makeing more of them. I just need more clothing ideas. ;)

Well that's all for me tonight. I am going to go watch some Hulu,listen to the hubby cruse out he PS2 game and do some fingerless glove knitting. Have a great one!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls Only time!

*I have to write this post in pink!It's only fitting after all!*

So today I went to nana's to visit. While I was there my nana was talking about needing to go to the bank and go to the smoke shop for cigs. I was wanting to go somewhere so I said I would go for her. I figured my cousin Katie who just got her cast off would like to get out of the house. So Katie got ready and we got her to the car. (she is not to use her foot a lot just yet!So we helped her to the car)

While she was getting in another one of my cousins,Annie,showed up. She is home schooled and had finished her work so she was allowed to come to my nana's.(they live next door) I had heard that one of my cousins next door was sick. So I asked nana who it was. It wasn't Annie so I asked her if she wanted to go with us. She jumped for joy! lol

Nana was treating me and Katie to some lunch while we was out doing stuff for her so I said I would just pay for Annie's. I think I could spare $5. but nana said no just go ahead and use some more of her money and pay for Annie's also. Fine! You can talk this lady out of anything so I just give in! lol

We went to the bank to cash a check for nana.Then we went to eat at Steak-N-Shake. I got another Grilled Chicken Salad,Katie got 5-Way Chili and Annie got a Chicken Finger plate. It was all very good!

Me and Katie got done with out food and Annie was only done with her frys! lol She is such a talker and a slow eater. But she never gets out with out her siblings and her other cousin so this was a treat for her. I didn't rush her. To tell the truth I was enjoying myself! I wish I could do this more often. but when you have 4 cousins (I have 6 but one is in NC and the other one does not mess with anyone) its kind of hard to do a lot.

2 don't behave as well as the 2 I had with me today! ;) "She touched me!" "She poked my sore spot!" "He is on my side of the car!" *PUNCH* *Cry* "She hit me!" UGH I can't stand that and that's what my other 2 cousins do ALL the time.

After Annie finished eating we went a block to get my nana's smokes then took the long way home that goes by some animals. Camels,Lamas,Zebras,Emus,Buffalo's,Texas Longhorns and other animals! (I need to take some pictures!) It is privet owened but they allow you to bring food and feed the animals. They only ask you feed them whats on the signs,not to get your car in the grass and not to go in the fence. That isn't asking a lot! I love it there.

But like all good things it had to come to an end. So we headed back to my nana's. I dropped them off and headed home myself.

Once I got home I was hot so I decided to wait a few hours before going to buy grub at Walmart. Nothing exciting happened there. I just bought grub and toilet paper! lol

I started a Cabled Scarf last night. But I did something wrong so I need to rib it out. At the end of some rows you Sl the last st. Then when you turn the work around I was wrapping my yarn wrong and it is all odd looking. I am only 6 rows into it so its no big deal! I might not even restart it. I am not feeling it.

I did find a pair of gloves tonight that I want to knit. So what did I do? I brought out one of those $1.50 skeins of Caron Simply Soft and casted it on. I got the first cable section done.

But I am getting tired. So I figured I would blog about my day then head to bed early. If it is nice tomorrow I would like to go to the park. So maybe I will have some nice pictures to share of our little town park! lol

Sat we might be getting together with our friends. The same ones we was to get together with last weekend. I hope he doens't have over time this wee or I hope we atleast get to see them for a few at a park or IceCream shop. (yes you! I need to chat with someone about knitting! Tim doesn't get it that the pattern wasn't working out. He just says "Ok" and goes about his business! lol) I will also get some pictures from that if it happens.

So that is that and I am going to bed. Hug your loved ones and light a candle for the sick!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Catch up..long winded

Sorry about not blogging last night. There was a BAD storm here last night and I couldn't keep power long enough to be online. But I am now playing catch up!

Wed I tried the Taco Ring that I had posted about on Tue.

"Wow! Is this going to fit?"

"Now this looks great!"


"Hum....Where did it go?"

As you can see we loved it! I had to rescue some for hubby to take to work and a few to take to my nana and cousin to try! I now have some ideas for other things!!! I plan on trying 1 or 2 next week. So keep an eye out!

This afternoon I decided I wanted to try out my new pan that my nana got me a few months ago. I had a pack of Martha White Blueberry muffin mix that I could use. So I turned the oven on 400 degrees and mixed it all up.I then spooned it into each spot.

I baked them for 10 mins.That's when the tops looked good.

"Oh my! The bottom are burnt!"

Yes the bottoms was kind of burnt. Not rock hard but kind of stiff and they tasted like...well the bottoms tasted burnt. But if you pulled the top/middle away from all of that they was fine.

This was my first time cooking anything in this pan. I figured this would happen! Next time I will turn the oven down to 350degrees I think. This "should" fix the problem. but if not I will try again and go down to 300degrees. lol If you are reading this and you KNOW what temp it should go on please let me know!

Tonight for supper we decided to go out to Steak-n-Shake for a good salad. I tried a salad with Chicken in it for the first time. (I had never tried ANY meat in a salad before) I loved it! I want more!!! The hubby had a grilled chicken sandwich. It looked good also...if you take the sauce off it. lol Guess where we will go eat tomorrow? Can't guess? Well you will just have to read the blog tomorrow night to find out! :)

After eating I decided since I was so close to the newer Walmart I would go out there and look for some Caron Simply Soft yarn. So I begged the hubby and he caved. But when I get out there there is NO Caron on the shelf's! I went to ask the fabric lady and she said she was told to pull it all and put it on sale. She doesn't know if there going to stop caring it or not tho. I bet they are. :( When I found the yarn it was marked down to $1.50! OH MY! I wish I had money to burn! i could of bought a lot. But I only got 5 skeins.Thursday is payday so I might be able to get more then. (still wont be more then 6 or 7 skeins.)

We checked out and headed for home in the dark. It was nice and cool out there! I was enjoying it.

Once we got home I got ready to hang out in bed all night and put in Star Wars 1. Not 10 mins after changing clothes my nana calls. They had to buy a new tv for my papa and a DVD player. But they can not hook this stuff up. So they needed me to come over and do it. I said I could tomorrow because the hubby had to leave for work in an hour. Well she said papa was in there trying to do it. That's when I knew I had better go NOW! lol

I got there and hooked it all up in less than 10 mins. I don't know why but things that are electronic are simple to me. I put up a ceiling fan all by myself and didn't even look at the book! I had never done it before or messed with wires. But the fan still works so I did it right. lol

On to my knitting.

Last night I finished my hat with the brim.But I haven't gotten a peice of canvas for the brim yet.Maybe tomorrow I will get that and have some pictures of it.

I have 3 skeins of yarn that I knit with and can't pick a pattern for eaither skein. :( They are Patons Silk Bamboo which is a light yarn with only 102 yards,Classic Elite yarns Wool Bam Boo which is DK wi only 118 yards and the third is Plymouth Yarn Mulberry Merino which is worsted(i think) with 99 yards. Got any ideas? I don't have kids. ;)

Since I couldn't find anything and I didn't want to make an account on another site just to buy a pattern I decided on making the Celtic Cable Neckwarmer which is a free pattern on Ravelry. Each row is a lot of work compaired to what I am used to but I need something to wake my mind up after knitting all this garter stitch hats. ;)

Well I have talked long enough for one post. Please leave a comment so I know someone is out there reading my words! have a great day!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today was filled with lots of knitting fun!
I worked on my basball cap for awhile. The got ot the part where I needed a size 7 circ. But only had an eight with me. So I went ahead and used it. I only got about 6 rows done. Once I got home I found my 7's.

But instead of tinking I decided to get my purse done. I only had like 12 rows that needed to be done. But since it will be felted there is over 180 sts in each row and the yarn makes my hand itch. That's why it hadn't been finnished.
That's right. I sat my mind to it and just finnished that thing! Man is it ever huge! I hope it felts down a lot. It is nice looking! So please wish me luck that my felting job doesn't kill it. This will be my first time felting anything! *scared* Tomorrow I hope to have before felting and after felting pictures!

Before I move on here is a picture that I promised. I couldn't take it outside and my cam batteries was dead but these are better pictures.

Other than the knitting I went to my nana's to day. But when I pulled into her drive way she was leaving to go get my cousin from Elem. school. So I just went with her. (thats where I was when I found out I only had my size 8's! lol)

Once we got back to my nana's house I found out why she had to go get my cousin. My Aunt,his grandmother and caretaker,had 9 teeth pulled today. Let me correct that...She had 5 pulled and 4 cut out! YIKES! They got bad due to all the meds that shes on so they had to go.

Anywho's...As I sat on the couch my nana asked me if I wanted Tator Soup. My reply was me hanging my tounge out acting like a drooling dog! Man she can cook some wonderful Tator Soup! I have tired other peoples but non compair to my nana's! I must learn how to cook it. She isn't getting any younger. :(

After eatting and cleaning up I decided it was time to go home and wake the hubby. So I told them all "I Love you" and told them I would see them tomorrow and left.

Once I got home I was full but the hubby was hungry. lol I had some tator soup but it was for him to take to work tonight. I really wanted some Yogurt from Walmart. So I told him he could get a taco on the way to Walmart. He didn't complain. lol

While I was at walmart I picked up the stuff to make a Taco Ring. Ihad never heard about it till today! OMG Wait...what's that? you have never heard of it either? Well my friend click this link! Doesn't it look wonderful? I have also just found out about the CheeseBurger Ring. I am sure I will have to try that one 1 day also! lol
Well tomorrow I have to take my cousin to the doc to get her cast taken off her foot. So I need to get to bed. It's already 3:42am. lol Good thing her appt isn't till 3:45PM. ;)
So good night all and have a great one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy days are here again

Well Today is a cloudy day. I feel some rain moving in.

I decided today i would go spand some time with my grandparents and my cousin. (My grandparents have been raising her since right before her K year of schoo. She is now 13. lol) My grandpaw has Parkinson's,my cousin had foot surgery for the 2nd time this year(out of school till its better) and my nana is getting old. So I try my best to go spend time with them! I left home close to 3pm to go see them. They only live about 5 minutes away from me. I ended up leaving just after 6pm. When I walked out the door it was raining. ugh

Once I got home I decided that tonight was going to be the night that I finished that Slouchy hat that I have been knitting for what seems like forever! So after super I went to the bedroom and put in a movie,George of the Dragon,and set to knitting all that Garter!

I was starting to get very worried about this skein of yarn! The ball was getting very small. I was no hopeful that this hat was going to get done with only one skein of this yarn. I had already decided that tomorrow I would have to go to the LYS and get another skein. :(

BUT as luck would have it I had enough yarn after all! Not much,but enough to finnish this.

Now that it is done I am not very excited about it. To me it doesn't drape enough. What do you think? (oh tomorrow I will make hubby take a pic of me in it in natural light with my Digital Cam)

I am not sure I am wearing it back far enough. Maybe you can tell me where it should go. ;)

Well I have watched this movie 5 times in a row now. I think I will change it to Harry Potter 1 and cast on for the next hat! Have a great one!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nice weather

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. but I decided to take a day off. I did nothing but sleep and watch tv. It was my "lazy" day.

But now I am back to it! So let me tell you about my day today.

To start off with we didn't wake up till 2:30PM! This is odd for us. But we both hadn't been sleeping well so I guess we needed it. But that threw off our whole day.

We was going to a friends house but her hubby got called yesterday by his work and was told to come in and work OT. So our plans was shot. I was already in the mood to go somewhere.So I planed on going to the park today. Once we got up and sat around for awhile we went to get a bite to eat and then headed for the park for some good ol' looking around and chatting.

We was about a block away and saw TONS of cars and police at the park section.What was up you ask? A car show. UGH Neither one of us is into cars like that. So we turned around and headed for home. I thought about going to the Olympics Center but didn't have my cam so I decided against it. But I did take atleast 10 back roads on the way home just to keep us out longer! lol

Once we did get home I waited for the sun to go just behind the tips of the trees so we could sit out on the porch.(I can't set in the sun due to some of my meds) I wasn't out there 5 mins before I got cold. So I came in and got my fleece blanket and my crocheted shawl. I used them both outside and stay for about 30-40 more mins. I had to go in once I started shivering. ;)

After a little while I decided to cook supper. Just some caned veggies and spam.Nothing fancy but we like it.

I then we to the bedroom,where I still am,and proceded to watch "Are you being served?" and all those other ones. Gosh there funny! I knitted on my slouchy hat some more but I am just not feeling the love anymore.I am 24 rows into the 47 rows of just knitting and its killing me. I feel as tho I will never make it to the decrease rows. But I do not want to start something else. I already have 2 different socks going,a shrug,a pet balnket,a scarflette and I am sure there is something else hidding somewhere. I want to get these things done before I pass on. No one knits and I will have no one to pass these onto. :(

So I keep knitting. *sigh*

OH I did do one thing yesterday. I got my hair cut! I lovelovelove it!Ignore the grin...I was trying to click the button on my laptop and not move at the same time.
That was yesterday and today all in one nut shell. I will make sure to have some knitting pictures to post on here tomorrow nd maybe even some sewing items! For now tho I am going to cover up,its 52 outside, & knit on that slouchy hat some more. I want this thing D O N E ASAP! lol
Bye for now,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Product Reviewer

Today was a lazy day. I did no sewing. I did do some on my Slouchy Hat. Not enough to show here...but it will be more than a loop on my needles soon!

Today was another words I am broke. lol We went to eat(more on this in a few),we got my meds then we went to Walmart to get grub and some fabric for my new idea. (more about this tomorrow or the next day)

Ok about the going out to eat thing....Last last night/early this morning...I decided that I want to join Weight Watchers once we move. For those who do not know me I am over weight....really over weight. I am to the point now where I can't do most things. I can't wash dishes because 5 mins into it my back starts killing me. I can't really clean house because I get tired fast. I am only 29 and I can't keep up with my 42 year old husband! That is not a good thing to say.
All my life I have been heafty. But ofcourse it has gotten worse. I don't think I eat TO bad...its just I don't eat the right amount. lol

So today I talked this over with the hubby and he is happy for me and would like to use my Weight Watchers info to help himself. He isn't that over weight. Maybe 30-40lbs? I don't know how much he weights so thats a guess. So before we left the house we thougth of a place where he can get a salad,hes in a salad mood now days, and somewhere where I,mrs picky,can get something healthy also. The only thing I could come up with was Zaxbys.

Hubby had a grilled chicken salad and I had the grilled chicken sandwhich and a glass of water. Mind you that I HATE slimmy grilled chicken!But I gave it a chance. It was..ok. Of course mine came with frys so I HAD to eat them. lol While we was sitting there eatting we talked more about our plans on weight loss. I know it will take me a while to get down to where I would REALLY like to be. But hey...I am doing the right thing and starting one step at a time! These meetings will help alot and I found a wonderful group on Ravelry! I have already been talking to them! (Y'all rock!)

While at the grub store I asked hubby if he would like some Yogurt. He got 3. I HATE that btter taste. ewww But something cought my eye....Yoplait Whipd Choc. Mousse Style. Oh that sounded good. So I figured"whats 50 cents?" So I got it. I cracked that thing open about an hour ago and knew I was going to hate it....spoon to mouth...wait...whats this?...I...Like...It?! OH MY! I love it. I cought myself taking little small bites to make it last longer! lol This is wonderful! I am sure WW will say this stuff is ok. I am now planing on trying the Lime and lemon ones!

I surprise myself. Today I tried 2 foods that I always hated and discovered that I love them! (well the grilled chicken needed SOMETHING on it...say maybe bbq sauce or garlic..but it was good.)

Oh sorry...I got on the WW trip. I have been doing that all day! lol

So once I got back home I sat back down and watched more tv and did some knitting on my Slouchy Hat. Then here I am plurking! All in all today was a slow kind of day.

I think tomorrow might be more exciting. I might be going to a friends house to help her learn how to spin on a drop spindle....note to friend get ready to learn why its called what it is called. LMAO I will try and get pictures of the wheel atleast. :)

This is a special section of my blog post tonight. I would like to review some items that relate to knitting/crocheting/spinning here on my blog. I am looking for those of us who sale our handmade goods online. If you would like to get the word out there about your products I am willing to receive a sample of said item(patterns,yarn,roving,books,stitch markers,new tools,etc),use it,then post my feelings about it here on the blog.
I don't have money to buy said items but maybe thru me posting about your items and linking to it here on my blog you will get more looks/sales of your items! It could be a wonderful thing!

A little about me...I have been knitting for 5 years. I haven't done sweaters/vests/skirts or the like yet.I am good at cables,socks and many other things. I do have a Kiwi spinning wheel for testing out roving. My ravelry name is AbsoluteTreasure if you would like to see some things that I have knit.(i don't have any cabled items in there but could show you pictures if needed.)
If there is anything else you would like to know about me or my knitting/crocheting/spinning please feel free to ask.

If this is something you would be willing to let me do for you please contact me at . Thank you

Well thanks for haging in there with me dear readers. I know boring day to day life isn't that wonderful but its SOMETHING atleast! lol Tune in tomorrow for more fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Chill

Today was a cool day. Once again I had my windows open.I think the high here was like 68! Tonight the low will be 48! I am soooo happy to not be sweating at night.I sleep so much better.
Right now in my bedroom I have the A/C turned to fan only and it says its 70 in here.That is my perfect temp! Oh if only there was a way to stay 70 degrees all the time!

On the crafting front I got like 6 more Stockings done today! I don't have a group picture of them yet but I did get all of my stockings listed in my shops.5 on Etsy & 5 on Artfire!

I have decided that my 1 Across Beanie needs to have some more ribbing on it. So I get to pick up 100 and something sts and do about 15 more rows of k1p1 ribbing. UGH But instead of doing that I decided I wanted a Slouchy hat! I casted on for one just a few mins ago. I wanted to use my Mulberry Merino bit discovered it is only 99yds. :( So I had to use my Lustra. It is nice and soft but it splits VERY easy. But I wanted something that will be loose and slouchy. I might get hooked on making this hat!

As for the pet blanket I have not knit any on it today. I got wraped up on sewing those stockings and just enjoying the nice weather. I think tomorrow I will have the hubby put out the umbrella so I can enjoy it even more. OH I can dig out my crocheted shawl and my wrap! They will keep me warm. ;)

That was all I did today. Tomorrow is grub shopping day so I might not get much done but I will blog none the less. ;)

I hope you had a wonderful day and please excuse me for not posting any pictures. I thought about getting one with my 1 Across Beanie but I need to wash my hair before the public sees it. ;) See ya tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A busy day!

Today I got to crafting more! I searched thru my fabric and got to cracking on my stockings. I got 4 made today. The hanging tag is made with the inside fabric of each stocking.

Tomorrow they will be listed in one of my shops! I really enjoy making these.

I also spent some time today knitting on that Pet Blanket. It could also be a baby blanket for the car seat,stroller,or just for belly time! The yarn is HOMESPUN in 322 Baroque and the other lable has gone missing..I will find it tomorrow. ;) I didn't get a picture of it because we was packing today but I will make sure to get it tomorrow.

In other news I got my 1 Across Beanie finnished! I am VERY happy about this. It is getting cool here and I need something to keep my head warm. The low tonight in North Ga will be 47 according to . I love this weather. Today I drove with the windows down and it was wonderful. I also kept the a/c off in the house. I opened the front and back doors and the breeze was very crisp and light. Like a trip to the top of a moutain! *deep breath in and out*

Other than the knitting and sewing today I watching tv on again. ;) It is the only way to watch "good" tv. Since I went to be last night after 5am I didn't get up till 1pm. UGH But this is the life of a wife who's hubby works 3rd shift and has no children to look after.

I will stop here and go back to watching Spirited Away while knitting on my Pet Blanket. Have a great one everyone.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crafting and booboo's

Well today I tryed my hand at making a stocking. The shape that I drawed looked wonderful! So I cut out 4 pieces and went to work. Here is what I got....

Do you see that little toe? OH MY! That wasn't what I planned! So I had to come up with a better plan. (note the picture is taken with my webcam)

So off I went to to see what sale was going on. I was hoping those stocking patterns would be on sale for 99cents...guess what?! They was! Not wanting to go for only one item I looked to see what the coupon of this week was. 40% off! SWEET I noticed it was only an hour till the hubby got up so I passed the time by with .

While I was looking up the patterns in the book at hobby Lobby a woman asked me what I was planing to make. I told her stockings. Then she said that I should just go buy the cheap felt ones and use it as a templet! DUDE Why didn't I think of that?! lol So I rushed as fast as I could to the stockings. I found one in the size I wanted and one in a larger size. Since the larger one was almost $2 I used the 40% off on it. lol

I also bought 1/2 yard of 4 different fabrics. They was all 30% off! Trust me...I shop deals!

When I got home I went to try my hand at making another Stocking! Here was the out come of try #2o

This time it came out perfect! It measures 6" w/o loop. The loop measures 2 3/4". These are perfect for pet/kid treats,Gift Cards/Lottery Tickets or any other number of items!

Tomorrow I should have more time to make a few more! So get ready! lol

Today I opened up my Etsy shop! If you see something on my Artfire shop but would raither but it thru Etsy please let me know and I will list it on Etsy for you. But there will be a 20 cent add on since Etsy charges listing fees.

In knitting news I only just started a pet blanket. It is getting cool here so its time to start protecting those little ones! I am using Homespun for it. Pictures of that tomorrow. The colors are dark and wouldn't show this late at night.

I got in the mood today to watch some tv. But since I don't have cable and I have watched everything on I decided to see what was in my movie cabinet. That's when I discovered my unopened "The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season 1" dvd. I forgot I had it. I cracked it open and sat glued to the tv thru all 18 eps! It was funny. But now I want season 2. lol

Now I am watching "Interview with the Vampire". Hooked?....Me?....Never! :) Ann Rice rocked!

Well I guess I will end here for now. I want to do a few more rows before going to bed and it is already 2:50am. lol So good night and remember to let me know your reading by leaving me a comment! Thanks


Monday, September 28, 2009

Gratitudinal Gift goes to....

Melissa!!!! WTG please email me at and let me know your address & what color you would like your Chainmail!

I picked your name by having the hubby write all donators names on a peice of paper(if you donated more than once then you had more papers) and then drop them into a hat. I then reached in and picked one out of the bunch.

Thank you one and all for helping MissV. I didn't collect alot but every penny helps right?

I hope you all continue reading and commenting on my blog!

Have a great day and remember to help those that need it!

Scarf Day!

Well today I finished 1 scarf and started another! I feel like I got alot done. But then again these scarfs was done on size 13's! lol

Only thing is the 1 I finished I kind of messed up the last foot of it. I was doing 8 knit ridges and then 13 st st's. Well I ended up doing a wrong row and putting the St st on the back and the garder on the front. But this scarf is so long that when wore you do not see it. I am still putting it in my shop to sale but I will point out the booboo and sale it for a little less. ($10)

In the 2nd pic you can see the booboo.Sorry its blury but I kind of had my cam on the wrong setting and now its in the livingroom and I don't feel like retaking the pic. lol
Thank you hubby for being my model!

The second scarf is being made with that Papavero yarn from my "Yarn Porn" post. It is coming out nice! I dont have much done of it but it will be done soon. It is also being done on 13's.

I also got 6 rows done on my 1 Across Beanie from! It is almost done! I can't wait to wear it. Now I want a slouchy hat to! lol

I had planed on sewing a Stocking today. but I went to bed late and got up at 1:30 pm! YIKEs so this caused me not to get alot done today. This also means that I will be going to bed tonight late (its already 3:30am) and I will get up late tomorrow to. Do not flip out if you do not see the winnder of the MissV thing till later tomorrow. I had said 12pm but if I slep in late then it could be a little later.(Iwould get up to do it and then just go back to bed but I can't do that. If I get up im up.) I hope this is ok!

I already have an idea for another blog contest. This time it will be like "Guess how many Jelly Beans are in this jar?!" Only I am not going to use Jelly Beans! No I'm not telling you what it will be! you will just have to wait and see! But this wont be for another few weeks. :)

Well that's all for now. I have mentioned all that I wanted to and my movie is about to start,Interview with the Vampire,so I need to go. Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends and Knitting

Well today was a VERY nasty day for rain! It was bad folks. The pond down the road is over the banks. The creek is over its banks and the other Pond is way over its banks and covering the road! (on the way home the road was no longer covered. But its raining again and will be in the am.)

But Me and my friend wanted to get together today (sat) for the first time in a few months for some ice cream. So with pouring rain and flooded roads we meet up at 2pm! It was very fun and we even got treated to a blizzard by them! (thank you btw...I know it was your idea!)

But when you give 3 boys ice cream you then get hyper kids who want to play. So it was off to the walmart for us!

When we got there the boys went one way and me and my friend went to the crafts. (big shock huh?!) She got some yarn in the colors she needed..I got 2 that I needed. While we was together she had a good idea about stockings! (sewed ones) So that got me to thinking!
So after saying good bye and making plans to get together next sat again we split ways.

On our way home we stopped by Hobby Lobby to have a look around. There I found 1/2 a yard of some nice fabric for a stocking. Since it was 30% off I got it! Then we just strolled around there for awhile. But something told me to look at the fabric again. So we did. That's when I saw a different fabric and got a great idea! A non-traiditonal stocking in a rocking color combo! (wait till you see it!) I am not going to say here what it is. You will have to wait till I post a pic of it finished!

After this we went to check out and check on my RainCheck....I got it 11 days ago...its still not in! Which is not good at all! I need those beads for my Rani. They only had 6 packs of them that day and I need 3 more. (they was on sale for 99cents each thats why I got the RainCheck) I asked when they might be in and the manager said...."I don't know. But another truck comes in Call back close to closing on Thursday or call Friday." UGH Do these people not understand that I need these beads now and not MONTHS down the road?

But I know I have tons more things to knit in the mean time. So that is what I am doing.

I finished my Ribbon Scarf today and started another scarf.

This one is made with the Ribbon yarn that I posted in my Yarn Porn post.

This one is being knit with some new yarn that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby today.Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Wool Blend 70%Wool/30%Acrylic 129yds color Violets/104 It is a step above Red Heart in feel. But i do like it. Its being knit on size 13's. So far so good. (no pattern just some randomness.)

Other than this I also found a skin of Patons Silk Bamboo 70%Bamboo/30%Silk 102yds Color Bark/85013 on sale for less than half price! This stuff feels wonderful to the touch! I might have to get more one day!

After this running around we came on home and sat in bed till about 30 mins ago watching British tv then some random things. But now the hubby is playing WOW and I am about to watch Fearless and do some more knitting till I get sleepy. So this is where I end tonight.

Remember to keep in touch with your friends. They help keep you happy!


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here is the promised Yarn Porn! ;)

Yarn that I scored with the money my mom gave me the other day.

From top to bottom:

Vintage Wool by Berroco 217yds 50%Acrylic 40%Wool 10%Nylon #4 Medium $6

Lustra by Berroco 197yds 50%Peruvian Wool 50%Tencel #4 Medium $9

Mulberry Merino by Plymouth Yarn Co 198yds 52%Mulberry Silk 48%Merino Wool $8

From top to bottom:

Party by Crystal Palace Yarns 87yds 100%Nylon $5.90 then 50% off (2 skeins)

Wool Bam Boo by Classic Elite Yarns 118yds 50%Wool 50%Bamboo $10.50

Papavero by Laines Du Nord (?) 76yds 46%Wool 44%Poluamid 10%Cupro $5 then 50%off

Magnum Italin Collection by Plymouth Yarn 50yds 42%Rayon 24%Acrylic 23%Cotton 9%Nylon 2%Polyester $9 then on sale for $2

As you can see I scored. I went in looking for yarns that I have never worked with before. Silk,Bamboo,Ribbon yarn and yarn made from trees. I walked out with everything that I was looking for! I am so excited! I am already knitting something with one of the Party skeins. I look forward to knitting with all the others also. I think items knitting with this stuff will help me with my sales. :)

So look for more updates on what I am knitting. I am so in love with these colors. I want to also try milk yarn,Sea Silk and many others!! But for now I have some new yarns and am excited to try them!

Well time for bed. Be good everyone and don't for get to help MissV!