Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A busy day!

Today I got to crafting more! I searched thru my fabric and got to cracking on my stockings. I got 4 made today. The hanging tag is made with the inside fabric of each stocking.

Tomorrow they will be listed in one of my shops! I really enjoy making these.

I also spent some time today knitting on that Pet Blanket. It could also be a baby blanket for the car seat,stroller,or just for belly time! The yarn is HOMESPUN in 322 Baroque and the other lable has gone missing..I will find it tomorrow. ;) I didn't get a picture of it because we was packing today but I will make sure to get it tomorrow.

In other news I got my 1 Across Beanie finnished! I am VERY happy about this. It is getting cool here and I need something to keep my head warm. The low tonight in North Ga will be 47 according to . I love this weather. Today I drove with the windows down and it was wonderful. I also kept the a/c off in the house. I opened the front and back doors and the breeze was very crisp and light. Like a trip to the top of a moutain! *deep breath in and out*

Other than the knitting and sewing today I watching tv on again. ;) It is the only way to watch "good" tv. Since I went to be last night after 5am I didn't get up till 1pm. UGH But this is the life of a wife who's hubby works 3rd shift and has no children to look after.

I will stop here and go back to watching Spirited Away while knitting on my Pet Blanket. Have a great one everyone.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crafting and booboo's

Well today I tryed my hand at making a stocking. The shape that I drawed looked wonderful! So I cut out 4 pieces and went to work. Here is what I got....

Do you see that little toe? OH MY! That wasn't what I planned! So I had to come up with a better plan. (note the picture is taken with my webcam)

So off I went to to see what sale was going on. I was hoping those stocking patterns would be on sale for 99cents...guess what?! They was! Not wanting to go for only one item I looked to see what the coupon of this week was. 40% off! SWEET I noticed it was only an hour till the hubby got up so I passed the time by with .

While I was looking up the patterns in the book at hobby Lobby a woman asked me what I was planing to make. I told her stockings. Then she said that I should just go buy the cheap felt ones and use it as a templet! DUDE Why didn't I think of that?! lol So I rushed as fast as I could to the stockings. I found one in the size I wanted and one in a larger size. Since the larger one was almost $2 I used the 40% off on it. lol

I also bought 1/2 yard of 4 different fabrics. They was all 30% off! Trust me...I shop deals!

When I got home I went to try my hand at making another Stocking! Here was the out come of try #2o

This time it came out perfect! It measures 6" w/o loop. The loop measures 2 3/4". These are perfect for pet/kid treats,Gift Cards/Lottery Tickets or any other number of items!

Tomorrow I should have more time to make a few more! So get ready! lol

Today I opened up my Etsy shop! If you see something on my Artfire shop but would raither but it thru Etsy please let me know and I will list it on Etsy for you. But there will be a 20 cent add on since Etsy charges listing fees.

In knitting news I only just started a pet blanket. It is getting cool here so its time to start protecting those little ones! I am using Homespun for it. Pictures of that tomorrow. The colors are dark and wouldn't show this late at night.

I got in the mood today to watch some tv. But since I don't have cable and I have watched everything on I decided to see what was in my movie cabinet. That's when I discovered my unopened "The Jeff Foxworthy Show Season 1" dvd. I forgot I had it. I cracked it open and sat glued to the tv thru all 18 eps! It was funny. But now I want season 2. lol

Now I am watching "Interview with the Vampire". Hooked?....Me?....Never! :) Ann Rice rocked!

Well I guess I will end here for now. I want to do a few more rows before going to bed and it is already 2:50am. lol So good night and remember to let me know your reading by leaving me a comment! Thanks


Monday, September 28, 2009

Gratitudinal Gift goes to....

Melissa!!!! WTG please email me at and let me know your address & what color you would like your Chainmail!

I picked your name by having the hubby write all donators names on a peice of paper(if you donated more than once then you had more papers) and then drop them into a hat. I then reached in and picked one out of the bunch.

Thank you one and all for helping MissV. I didn't collect alot but every penny helps right?

I hope you all continue reading and commenting on my blog!

Have a great day and remember to help those that need it!

Scarf Day!

Well today I finished 1 scarf and started another! I feel like I got alot done. But then again these scarfs was done on size 13's! lol

Only thing is the 1 I finished I kind of messed up the last foot of it. I was doing 8 knit ridges and then 13 st st's. Well I ended up doing a wrong row and putting the St st on the back and the garder on the front. But this scarf is so long that when wore you do not see it. I am still putting it in my shop to sale but I will point out the booboo and sale it for a little less. ($10)

In the 2nd pic you can see the booboo.Sorry its blury but I kind of had my cam on the wrong setting and now its in the livingroom and I don't feel like retaking the pic. lol
Thank you hubby for being my model!

The second scarf is being made with that Papavero yarn from my "Yarn Porn" post. It is coming out nice! I dont have much done of it but it will be done soon. It is also being done on 13's.

I also got 6 rows done on my 1 Across Beanie from! It is almost done! I can't wait to wear it. Now I want a slouchy hat to! lol

I had planed on sewing a Stocking today. but I went to bed late and got up at 1:30 pm! YIKEs so this caused me not to get alot done today. This also means that I will be going to bed tonight late (its already 3:30am) and I will get up late tomorrow to. Do not flip out if you do not see the winnder of the MissV thing till later tomorrow. I had said 12pm but if I slep in late then it could be a little later.(Iwould get up to do it and then just go back to bed but I can't do that. If I get up im up.) I hope this is ok!

I already have an idea for another blog contest. This time it will be like "Guess how many Jelly Beans are in this jar?!" Only I am not going to use Jelly Beans! No I'm not telling you what it will be! you will just have to wait and see! But this wont be for another few weeks. :)

Well that's all for now. I have mentioned all that I wanted to and my movie is about to start,Interview with the Vampire,so I need to go. Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends and Knitting

Well today was a VERY nasty day for rain! It was bad folks. The pond down the road is over the banks. The creek is over its banks and the other Pond is way over its banks and covering the road! (on the way home the road was no longer covered. But its raining again and will be in the am.)

But Me and my friend wanted to get together today (sat) for the first time in a few months for some ice cream. So with pouring rain and flooded roads we meet up at 2pm! It was very fun and we even got treated to a blizzard by them! (thank you btw...I know it was your idea!)

But when you give 3 boys ice cream you then get hyper kids who want to play. So it was off to the walmart for us!

When we got there the boys went one way and me and my friend went to the crafts. (big shock huh?!) She got some yarn in the colors she needed..I got 2 that I needed. While we was together she had a good idea about stockings! (sewed ones) So that got me to thinking!
So after saying good bye and making plans to get together next sat again we split ways.

On our way home we stopped by Hobby Lobby to have a look around. There I found 1/2 a yard of some nice fabric for a stocking. Since it was 30% off I got it! Then we just strolled around there for awhile. But something told me to look at the fabric again. So we did. That's when I saw a different fabric and got a great idea! A non-traiditonal stocking in a rocking color combo! (wait till you see it!) I am not going to say here what it is. You will have to wait till I post a pic of it finished!

After this we went to check out and check on my RainCheck....I got it 11 days ago...its still not in! Which is not good at all! I need those beads for my Rani. They only had 6 packs of them that day and I need 3 more. (they was on sale for 99cents each thats why I got the RainCheck) I asked when they might be in and the manager said...."I don't know. But another truck comes in Call back close to closing on Thursday or call Friday." UGH Do these people not understand that I need these beads now and not MONTHS down the road?

But I know I have tons more things to knit in the mean time. So that is what I am doing.

I finished my Ribbon Scarf today and started another scarf.

This one is made with the Ribbon yarn that I posted in my Yarn Porn post.

This one is being knit with some new yarn that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby today.Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Wool Blend 70%Wool/30%Acrylic 129yds color Violets/104 It is a step above Red Heart in feel. But i do like it. Its being knit on size 13's. So far so good. (no pattern just some randomness.)

Other than this I also found a skin of Patons Silk Bamboo 70%Bamboo/30%Silk 102yds Color Bark/85013 on sale for less than half price! This stuff feels wonderful to the touch! I might have to get more one day!

After this running around we came on home and sat in bed till about 30 mins ago watching British tv then some random things. But now the hubby is playing WOW and I am about to watch Fearless and do some more knitting till I get sleepy. So this is where I end tonight.

Remember to keep in touch with your friends. They help keep you happy!


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here is the promised Yarn Porn! ;)

Yarn that I scored with the money my mom gave me the other day.

From top to bottom:

Vintage Wool by Berroco 217yds 50%Acrylic 40%Wool 10%Nylon #4 Medium $6

Lustra by Berroco 197yds 50%Peruvian Wool 50%Tencel #4 Medium $9

Mulberry Merino by Plymouth Yarn Co 198yds 52%Mulberry Silk 48%Merino Wool $8

From top to bottom:

Party by Crystal Palace Yarns 87yds 100%Nylon $5.90 then 50% off (2 skeins)

Wool Bam Boo by Classic Elite Yarns 118yds 50%Wool 50%Bamboo $10.50

Papavero by Laines Du Nord (?) 76yds 46%Wool 44%Poluamid 10%Cupro $5 then 50%off

Magnum Italin Collection by Plymouth Yarn 50yds 42%Rayon 24%Acrylic 23%Cotton 9%Nylon 2%Polyester $9 then on sale for $2

As you can see I scored. I went in looking for yarns that I have never worked with before. Silk,Bamboo,Ribbon yarn and yarn made from trees. I walked out with everything that I was looking for! I am so excited! I am already knitting something with one of the Party skeins. I look forward to knitting with all the others also. I think items knitting with this stuff will help me with my sales. :)

So look for more updates on what I am knitting. I am so in love with these colors. I want to also try milk yarn,Sea Silk and many others!! But for now I have some new yarns and am excited to try them!

Well time for bed. Be good everyone and don't for get to help MissV!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Update and Knitting

So far we have 2 helping MissV people from the blog and 1 from my shop. I am wanting to get lots more help for her! She really needs it! I am posting about the blog a few times a day on Plurk. But other than that I have no way of reaching people. So I am asking you to help pass the word along to others. My blog is still new and no one really has found it yet. $3 is a great deal for the items that I am offering as a think you gift to one lucky person!

Please note that I have extended the date on the thank you gift. It will be Monday at 12pm just like MissV is doing.

I know I promised you Yarn Porn but I only got the pictures and not the info about each yarn. (I had to babysit today while my Papa went to the doc...precancer spots and one bad one that got sent to a lab) so I didn't get this stuff wront down today. I WILL do it tomorrow I PROMISE!!

I do have one WIP that is with a new yarn. It is becoming a scarf. Just simple Knit every row on 15's. (yarn info tomorrow)
This one is cables made with Sugar'n Cream yarn in Grape. It will be a neckwarmer.

I haven't done anymore on my 1 Across Beanie or my Rani's. I am just not felling it. To fussy for me right now. Between my eyes bothering me and my moving I can't seem to do knitting that requires alot of thinking. lol

Well I think that is all for now. I am going to watch the old Little Women and do some knitting on my scarf before bed.

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Malabrigo & other items


This is a special post! My very favorite Podcaster Miss Violet is in a pickle and needs some help. Since I have no funds and I want to help her out and this is how I will do it!

The yarn is Malabrigo. But you don't know what color way!! It is a surprise! I will take all my Malabrigo and put it in a bag them let the hubby reach in without looking and pull out a skein!

But wait! Your not only getting the Malabrigo...also included is a handmade set of 18 Rainbow Stitch Markers which are perfect for if you want to knit a Clap, a pair of Ice Cream Sunday Earrings,a custom made chainmail bracelet(winner picks the colors) and 2 skeins of Bunny Hop by Crystal Palace Yarns.It contains Rabbit Angora and has 113 yards per skein!


Have a wonderful day!

Home again Home again..

I just got home! I had to be at the Chatt. airport at 9:30 to pick my mom up tonight. There plane didn't land till 9:50. But that was fine. I was enjoying being in the airport. It was my first time EVER.

I got a few pictures but there on my phone and I have no idea how to get them off of there. :( Darn me got half way to the airport and remembered my cam laying on my bed. grrrrr

While I was there I saw a family waiting for there solider to come home. When they saw him they all started crying and screaming at him. You could feel the excitement in the air. They done nothing but hug for a long time! I have never been away from someone in my family for more than 13 days. I could not dream of being away from them for months or years! OH MY!!

After collecting moms bags we headed home. But ofcourse on the way home the two of them was hungry! So we stoped at IHOP and had dinner. Once that was over the hubby needed to be at work in a few mins so I just dropped him off and went on home.

Earlier today I was working on my 1 Across Beanie and 3 rows into the chart I noticed I had the MC and the CC mixed up. *rolls eyes* So I undid them and then worked one row of the chart. But I just wasn't feeling it.
I went to ravelry and found a cable pattern and proceded to turn it into a scarflette. I am almost done with it. (no picture since I got in a rush to go get my mom.Will post it tomorrow)

Other than those things I just sat around playing RC. Let me tell you what! I need to stop playing that game! I am 100% hooked. This is not good. I am spending all my time around it.It likes my crack. I get up and first thing I think about is logging in to wake my players up so They can earn me some money so I can up grade my plates.
I either need a knitting group to get my mind off it or I need an "Intervention"! Either is ok with me.

Well that was my day in ny neck of the woods. I hope yours was good safe day!

10% off with code "MovingSale" my Artfire shop!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A normal day...

Just let me say "Sorry" upfront for this nonexciting entry. This one of those days where not alot goes on.But I promised myself that I would try my best and post every day! So here is my day.

In the mail I got the new KnitPicks Mag! Oh my! I love the stockings and some of the books featured in it. But humm that "Pickle" doesn't look like a Pickle. Change its color to white with some red on it and you girls will know what it looks like. EWWWW But oddly enough I like the idea about hidding it on the tree and having someone find it. So I am going to knit it. Oh did I mention that it is a FREE pattern in a FREE mag? Double score! lol

Once I was done drooling over the nice colored yarns I practiced playing my Flute for awhile. I could play it in school but that was 14 years ago so I am having to relearn. Right now I have 5 notes down. B,A,G,C and D. I can play Mary had a Little Lamb. *giggle* I want to get loads better so I can play for my mother-in-law this christmas. (She is the one that bought it from Ebay for me!) Just incase you want to know it is an Armstrong 104. (don't quote me..I will look tomorrow and check the brand and model..if I am wrong I will mention it in the next entry.)

After that I decided to work on my 1 Across hat from .UGH I so hate K1P1 ribbing. I only had 20 rows of it but it was taking forever! But after a lot of pauses to look at Shawl patterns on I managed to get thru it and get 2 of the chart rows done! I hope to get it done in the next few days!

Off and on today I was playing Restaurant City...ok ok...ALL day I was playing it.It runs all the time in the background on my puter! I am hooked and don't get much done now days. :( I might need a RC break so I can get back to life!!

Today is my moms last night in CA. Tomorrow just before lunch,CA time,she get on a plane and lands in Tenn around 9:30pm our time. Me and the hubby are going to pick her up. I have never been to an Airport before. I think I will carry my cam with me! Look for that tomorrow. Wait...It will be pitch black when I get there...hum...I will see what I can get. ;)

Tomorrow I plan on trying to make a few Coffee Cup Sleeves. I want to start offering them for sale in my shop on Etsy.(nothing listed yet..having to make some items before putting anything up.) I will have to get me a coffee cup first.. I don't drink it so I don't know what size they need to be. Maybe my mom has one at her house. (her hubby is a truck driver so he drinks LOTS of coffee.)

The only other thing that went on today is me sitting here in bed looking at stuff on the internet and watching Harry Potter 1. lol Like I said...this is a normal day peek into my life. I have no kids,I don't have exciting things to do all the time and I don't have wild parties. lol But even every day stuff can be entertaining if you let it be!

Well I think I will go to bed early for once. Remember to turn everyday into an adventure and you will never get tired of your life!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Day's

Well this whole week has been wet. But last night it decided to pour down and it lasted well into the evening. So this made for a lazy day.

Since there was nothing to do I did what I always do. I played Restaurant City on Facebook. I am sooo hooked on it. I keep it running in the background at all times and check on it a few make that ALOT. lol I would love to make new friends who play the game. I like trading and helping others out. I am almost level 16. If you want to add me click HERE to add me. Tell me that you are from my blog.

Ok now back to the other stuff. lol

I talked to my mom today,who is in CA till Tuesday, and when she gets back she is taking me to the yarn store to get some yarn so I can make a shawl. There is one catch to her buying me yarn tho....I HAVE to knit her a pair of socks. lol I told her you buy it and I will knit it! So all is good!

What shawl am I going to knit you ask? I have no clue. I want to knit one that will fit me. All the ones I see are on size 2 models and will not start to cover my back. I also do not want to knit one that you have to pick up all the edge sts to work the border. (I am no good at picking up sts.)

I did find something that I want to knit while searching thru the new patterns on Ravelry! One Piece Loom Knit Newsboy Cap I think it would look better on me than a beanie! lol (asked mom to buy it for me today. lol)

Since seeing that pattern tho I haven't wanted to make anything but it. But then I remembered my promise to myself. I am going to knit EVERYDAY for atleast a few hours. So I got out my Rani and worked a few rows. Here is where I am now.
I also cast one for 1 Across Beanie. I bet this hat will be rocking!!! I am using I Love This Yarn Sport Weight for both the Rani and the Beanie. Cheap,soft and lots of yardage = my kind of yarn!! ;)

I Finished something late last night! My own pattern! It took 2 tries to get the beds right. lol

The yarn is I Love This Yarn worsted in a shade of purple and the beads are Pink with Glitter plastic Pony Beads from Hobby Lobby that I have laying around. I plan on making a lot of these with different patterns on them!

Well I guess that is all for today. It was a quite day with the hubby asleep.(he works third shift)So thanks for reading and thanks to those of you who have bookmarked me thus far! I am trying my best to keep this up! Some days might not be very instresting and it is not often that I get wonderful yarn porn but for those of us who are good with craft store brands there will be a lot of posting for you! lol

So go now and do some crafting of your own and have a great day!


PS.I do sale online at Artfire and am setting up shop on Etsy. There is a 25% off deal thru tomorrow in the Artfire one if you use code PIRATEDAY09. Just wanted to let you know.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mountian Apples and Fresh Air!

Yesterday I took a little trip with my nana,my little cousin and my husband. My cousin had foot surgery again and is still home bound. But she was going insane so we planed a trip to Ellijay to get some apples and fried pies.

We all loaded up in my Roadmaster and headed for the hills! My nana tried to get up to NOT go up the mountain.She wanted to go around them. But we was taking the trip to see the mountains so we all voited and going up the Mountain won! lol

It was a wonderful ride up there. We stopped at a pull off to take some pictures. At the railling it just drops off and you can not see the bottom! My nana wouldn't get out of the car. But ofcourse me and the hubby did. It was such a wonderful view!

(yes we ran into some rainpast this part of the road.But it wasn't much and all was good!)

There was lots of writting and spray painting on the overlook area. This is the best one EVER!Just to the left of it is said "mmmmm titties". LMAO

After this we continued on our way.It is a wonderful drive beside the creek!(river?) It looked sooo inviting. But ofcourse we didn't go swimming. It was a little chilly up there!

I didn't get any pictures of the Apple Trees. My batteries died on me. :( But we stopped at over favorite place for apples.... BJ Reece Apple House. We got a gallon of Apple Cider,a bag of fresh green peanuts and 1/2 peck of Granny Smith Apples. (the 1.2 peck is $5! GOSH!)

As soon as we all got back into the car we all got apples and the shaker of salt! This is something that we always do! I guess its a ritual! ;)

After this stop we made one more for Fried Pies...ewwwww....and Peanut Butter Fudge! My fudge made it home but only one is still in there! lol

Next everyone wanted a real meal.So I talked them all into going to "Pig on the Hill"!They have wonderful BBQ! But I hadn't been there in atleast 14 years. I hoped it was as good as I remembered it.

It wasn't. The BBQ sandwhich was just the chicken with some BBQ sauce poured over it. Don't get me wrong it was still good. But it wasn't TRUE BBQ to me. I think the chicken should of been COOKED with the sauce on it. But you live and you learn! I would go back but I would get something else.

Here is why they call it "Pig on the Hill".

Those are wooden pigs on sticks that people have painted there names on and the restaurant stuck into the ground and formed this "Pig on the Hill". Pretty cool! There all over the parking lot and on the building! (no I have never wrote on a pig.) Trust me...there EVERYWHERE!(i found a dollar store and bought some cheap batteries)

On the pig is the real name of the Restaurant. But everyone calls it "Pig on the Hill".

After we all stuffed our bellies we decided it was time to go home. So we said good bye to East Ellijay and took the NON mountain route home.

We had a wonderful time! I just wish we had more time and money to do more things! But we got want we wanted to a point and thats what matters!

We plan on going to the place where the Olympic whitewater rafting was held sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. It's not that far away but it will be fun to go to. So stay tuned for that!

Well that is my post for today! Please add me to your feed and look for a new post tomorrow!

Have a great night!


Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello there! Nice of you to come by and vist my brand new blog! I have wanted to have one for sometime now. So here I am. It took about 20 mins to pick out a name but I think I got a good one!

I hope to make great friends and share some good crafts and ideas with you all thru this blog. My goal is to post atleast everyother day!

About me.
My name is Jennifer. I am 29 years old and just married the man of my dreams last month. I am a knitter,crocheter,spinner,weaver,latch hooker,painter and many other crafty things. I love everything there is about crafting! I can never pick which one I like more. I guess I am a "Jack of all trades"!

My husband works night shift so most nights I am up late. So if you dont see an update here before you go to bed there is a good chance I will be posting while you sleep!! So check back in the morning.

If you are on Plurk then please feel free to look me up. I post alot! I also have two shops. and a brand new one on will be posting items in the Etsy one starting next week! I will be posting here some about new items in my shop. but for the most part I will just mention that an item will be posted in one of my shops. I do not want this to turn into a blog where I only blog about my shop. If I get that way please comment and tell me to stop!! ;)

Well I guess thats all for right now. I think I will do a little more knitting on this "idea" item before I turn in for the night.

Once again thanks for stopping by and please bookmark me!

ps...I am not the greatest please forgive me if you see them. ;)