Monday, October 26, 2009

Knitting,Knitting and more Knitting!

I have been doing a lot of knitting and some crocheting! So lets get to it shall we? ^.^

I finished my first ever pair of socks that is knit toe up and my first time doing socks on circs.

They are not as yellow as they look. I will get an action picture of them one day. ^.^
I crocheted some candy corn for my online shop.But my Nana HAD to have them! lol So I must make more of them.
I also crocheted a Panda and Pig ball!


I just started another Log Cabin Blanket! The knitted kind! I have made one before and I love it. I have a big pile of solid colored partial skeins and some colored partial skeins. you can see from the picture how I am doing the colors. I pick the solids at random.

I was going to meet up with my friend today but her hubby had to work and her boys was being wild so she had to cancel. So I just went to my nana's house and sat around knitting on my blankie.
I got told today that my mom will be moved out by Saturday night. UGH I have a week to pack and the hubby is going to take a few days off work just so we can pack. It will be hard to move since I can't do much. But my friend is coming over to help us out one day. I guess its a good thing that we are only moving about 500yds away! lol The main part I don't look forward to is the cleaning of the house we are in now. O.O OMG
But I know we can get threw it! After all this is a FREE house and we will be saving tons of money! It will be soooo good for us! So I am holding my chin up and trying not to think about all the work ahead of me! lol
Well I am going to end this here and go back to knitting on my blankie. have a good one y'all!


  1. Thank you Sara! I love crocheting little things like that.