Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying to catch up.

Well time to get back in the groove! Here is a few things that has happened since last time.

I got a doggie! She is a 5 month old full blooded Chihuahua named Cleopatra. This is my first dog.Potty training is hard. I can not let her go out around here so I am trying to crate/pad train her.But we will get it! :)

Moving took longer than planed. But atleast we got it done. Now we need to unpack. ugh THe new place is 2 feet smaller width wise compaired to the old house.I didn't think it make that big of a deal....but now that all my stuff is in here I see that 2 feet is ALOT! But we will get that all sorted out also! :)

Other that those 2 things nothing has been going on. My life is not filled with adventures. Just normal life stuff.

On a shop note I have shut them both down till I can get all my stuff unpacked. I will be back soon.

Well I think the dog pooped so I need to get it then its time for bed. Have a good night all.

ps...sorry for the poop thing but like I said I dont live an exciting life. lol

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