Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Winners!!!!!!!

Well its that time! Time to tell who gets 2 skeins of Malabrigo!

Well..maybe not.I don't think my readers like yarn.So I will just skip it and blog about how jello powder is made.

LMAO Ok you twisted my arm!

I wrote everyone down then called my cousin and told her to give me a random #. She said.....#3! WTG Jackie!

For the extra skein the winner was.....Peggy! Congrads

Please email me @ as soon as you can Jackie!
Peggy I already have your info. ;)

Thanks everone for the help! They did the ultrasound today and I might know the results Friday or Monday. They did a full ultrasound. Spleen,kidneys,galbladder(well they couldnt find it but they tried),liver...and other things.They pressed soo hard I wasnt paying to much attetion.I was so sick and sore that once again mom drove me home.I went to bed and only just got up. I see bruises on my ribs. yikes

Well the results of the test will be posted here in a few days maybe. So see ya later.

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